What is upselling in a restaurant? Get the best Options

Posted on Sep 7, 2019 in Restaurant Sales

What is upselling in a restaurant? Get the best Options

Upsell is basically, you are inviting this customer to spend a little more money before (or soon after) purchasing the offer that initially caught their eye.

You have probably seen upsells everywhere without necessarily being aware of them. Think about the last time you bought a domain name, weren’t you offered to add hosting before or just after your payment?

Upselling in a restaurant, is when you are offered a dessert or take the superior menu option, it’s an upsell too.

Why add an upsell?

Offering a customer to buy a little more is a much easier (and faster) way to improve your business than trying to get more customers. While this does not apply to any type of product, this is especially true for online training and upsells are a great way to do this.

What upsell can you offer?

There are several kinds of upsells and the best for you is the one that will best complement what you offer. Here are 5 proposals:

improve your business


If you spend lots of time over the internet, you have certainly seen this type of upsell in a restaurant. You know, whoever offers you a VIP option: “switch to our VIP offer and benefit from all the advantages of our basic offer + exclusive content + a VIP community.”

The upsell VIP includes your main offer plus some irresistible elements that make it a premium offer.

The upper level

With this upsell, you are offering something to help your client reach their goals even faster. So, if your initial offer is access to online training, you upsell could be individual support with you. Unlike VIP, where you add content to initial content, with the “higher level”, you offer them a whole new service.

It does not necessarily have to be individual coaching, it could be group coaching, a face-to-face workshop or even a physical product. If you offer training on how to create your own website, membership site on how to build your own website, why not offer in upsell the creation of their website from A to Z by yourself?

Cross selling

This upsell is great when you have multiple products and want to promote them.

You can offer one or more of these proposals in addition to the product / service that your customer purchases. The product you offer in upsell is not necessarily linked to the product purchased, but it still allows you to deepen your knowledge.

When should you offer you upsell?

An upsell is usually offered before payment (i.e. when the product is added to the cart) or directly after your customer has made their purchase.

However, some upsells can work just as well when presented the first time someone logs into your training space, or when presented via an email sequence sent after purchase.