How do restaurants market their hotel? Easy Solutions

Posted on Mar 22, 2020 in Restaurant Marketing

How do restaurants market their hotel? Easy Solutions

A hotel restaurant uses to be a great place for the checked in visitors to appreciate a decent meal, yet that isn’t sufficient to keep the restaurant running productively.

Hotel restaurants, similar to some other restaurant, require walk-in customers to sustain their business. What’s more, this is the place restaurants market their hotel comes convenient.

A list is here to promote your hotel restaurant that would assist you with attracting more customers.

Successful Hotel Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Restaurant Business

The marketing of a hotel restaurant would vary consistent with the audience you use to be trying to aim. At the time of promoting your restaurant hotel to the checked-in guests use to be significant, you must likewise concentrate on attracting walk-in customers.

Running Seasonal Promotions

The business during the pinnacle season is uncommon, however the accomplishment of a hotel restaurant achievement is significantly dependent on how well the weak seasons are overseen.


During top seasons when you know the quantity of checked-in guests would be more, dedicate your time and budget in marketing your restaurant within the hotel premises.

Set up publications in the hotel lobby or approach the front desk to make your guests aware of the FnB outlets within the hotel.

You can create extraordinary discounts and coupons for the checked-in guests. This would lure them to eat at your restaurant instead of stepping outside for a meal.

Online Restaurant Listing Sites

Another method for marketing your hotel restaurant is by listing your restaurant at well-known restaurant listing and survey sites. It increases the awareness among the walk-in customers who might possibly think about the hotel restaurant.

Listing the hotels with restaurants in them on the main sites would signify more individuals would run over your hotel restaurant. You can make reference to the total details like opening or closing time alongside the contact details and address on these websites.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is perhaps the greatest stage for advertising your hotel restaurant business. There are a huge number of individuals connected on social media in UAE, with roughly 7.75 million on Facebook and 5.01 million on Instagram, and so on. Subsequently, chances for you to contact your potential customers consequently increase.

Listing On Google My business

Searching on Google is the absolute initial step a guest takes while looking for a restaurant, be it a hotel guest or territories. Google is a valid source which individuals trust for precise results; along these lines use it furthering your potential benefit. Make Google a piece of your hotel restaurant promotion methodology.