How do restaurant owners make money? A Sneak Peak

Posted on Mar 17, 2019 in Restaurant Sales

How do restaurant owners make money? A Sneak Peak

When you open a restaurant, it is, in general, to make money, otherwise what good is it! Only if you do not apply the right methods, this is not likely to happen.

Thus, it will be necessary to put the most chances on his side in order to manage to earn a good amount of money. There are diverse techniques that allow restaurant owners make money.

Here are the main tips to increase your income with your restaurant

Show clients

When a restaurant seems empty, it doesn’t make you want to come back. Indeed, for the client, an empty establishment is a symbol of poor quality as well as restaurant owner average salary.

We tell ourselves that if it is empty, it is because there is necessarily a problem. Try to place your first customers of the evening near the window so that we can see them from the outside.

Influencing the client

Many restaurateurs have a wrong way of selling their products. Which is a shame, since by applying a few basic rules, it is possible to obtain a nice margin.

 restaurant owners


Suggest an aperitif

You may be doing it already, but it may not be the right way. When the customer arrives, we will have to take care of it, if we ask him, do you want an aperitif, it means that he has the choice, he may adhere to your proposal, but more often than not, the answer is negative, for various reasons.

Offer an appetizer

This tip is highly appreciated by the client and interesting for the restaurateur. The client is happy to be able to taste a little something before the meal, which is also offered by the house.

Referencing 3 kinds of wine

Here, the goal to restaurant owner income making double is to list 3 wines, from a list to offer. Thus, the correct method is to present the three wines by going from the cheapest to the most expensive.

The customer will retain the last, which will make him take the most expensive.

Place the dessert menu on the table

When dessert time arrives, it’s a bit like an aperitif, you don’t ask – do you want dessert? But we put the menu on the table or better yet, we give the dessert menu in hand by adding a nice little word – I imagine that you will finish with a little dessert?

The customer will have the same impression as for the aperitif, knowing that at home, the dessert is entirely part of the meal. In addition, if your card is attractive, it is very likely that the customer will be seduced.

A card for coffee

You should present a very generous coffee card. Gourmet coffee is very popular. Also remember to display gourmet tea for those who do not drink coffee. This is interesting, because the customer who has not taken a dessert will enjoy finishing their meal with a small gourmet coffee.